Ts3 Administration Tool

Ts3 Administration Tool 0.0

Allow server administrators to easily administrate their server
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TS3 Server Administration Tool allow server administrators to easily administrate their server. Features:
- Connect to ServerQuery
- View All Servers (ID, Name, Slots, Channels, Connected Clients, Server online/offline, Date Created)
- Edit Virtual Server Settings (All Settings But Host Message Mode)
- Client Moderation(Ban Connected Client, Poke Client, Kick, View Client Connection Info)
- View Host Info(Server IP, Platform, TS3Server Version, Uptime, Total Servers, Clients Online, Slots out of all servers)
- Create Server (Server Name, Server Port, Server Slots, Server Pass)
- View Last 30 Entries in Server Log If you have Proper Permissions.
- Program Logs(Shows Queries that the Program is Sending)
- Send Message to all servers.
- Reset Server Permissions(Will Delete permissions and clients in the Permissions from the Database, giving you a new Admin Token.

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